Association Management

Managing an association and growing an association are often distinct and entirely separate sets of tasks and activities. Usually one is handled at the expense of the other, and it is usually growth that suffers. This can be easily overcome through the use of Expert Business Solutions, Inc. Association Management services and programs.

Cost-effective and remarkably customized, these services can take care of essential day-to-day needs while ensuring that your group or organization can focus on those areas that can lead directly to success. Instead of committing key management resources to administrative tasks and functions, let Expert Business Solutions, Inc. handle them for you.

We offer the following Association Management services:

Database Management

This is an essential tool for all organizations. This affords you the opportunity to organize your members in one spot capturing contact information, payment history, sponsors, vendors, speakers, prospects and any other data relevant to the success of your organization.

Financial Records

Detailed money management (bookkeeping) requires data entry, reporting, making payments and ensuring that all official policies or procedures are accurately followed. Expert Business Solutions, Inc. can free your Association from the daily financial grind and yet deliver the comprehensive reports your Board Members need to make well-informed decisions.

Marketing and Publicity

We collaborate with several graphic artists to create customized mailing pieces and programs both by traditional mail delivery and/or email. We work closely with mail houses and printers to ensure that your materials are completed professionally and timely. We can assemble membership packets as well as prepare newsletters, notices, postcards, emails, agendas and meeting minutes.

Scheduling and Meeting Management

Allow us to schedule your meetings, select venues and make reservations for 1 or 1001! This range of services can entail everything from venue selection, contract negotiation, food and beverage arrangements, staffing, audio-visual arrangements and drafting floor plans for exhibitors. We can help arrange for hotel and banquet services, create and manage budgets and make arrangements for teleconferencing for such events as annual meetings.


We can handle your telephone calls and process incoming mail, respond to all inquiries according to company policies and procedures, create and send mass mailings or special membership mailings and ensure that a website is up to date.

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