Bill Payment and Paperwork Management Services for Individuals

(also known as Daily Money Management)

Millions of people lead incredibly busy lives and often what “should” get done just can’t happen. This can mean that dental appointments are never scheduled, repairs around the home don’t occur and daily financial management slips through the cracks. Does this lead to trouble? It can lead to the bouncing of checks, missed payments and increased interest rates – and that is for only a single occurrence! This is why Expert Business Solutions, Inc. offers bill payment and paperwork management services for individuals.

Additionally, many senior citizens are often in need of support or assistance with their paperwork and bill paying. This can be due to failing eye sight, an inability to get to locations such as post offices and banks, and the fact that they are less likely to own and use computer equipment more than any other demographic.

Our services include:

Mail Retrieval, Opening and Processing

This includes filing, copying and entering bills in whatever manner is appropriate and necessary for the client. For example, a client who prefers online banking could have their bill payments or money transfers managed for them, or a senior could have their bills opened, checks written and invoices mailed through the service.

Bank or Statement Reconciliation

If the average service fee levied for a bounced check is more than $35 such a mistake could really impact a household budget. Our clients can have all of their checking, credit card and billing statements reviewed and balanced to ensure that all charges are correct and that interest rates or bank fees are as they should be.

Record Keeping

We can create a filing system for receipts and other documents used for personal taxes or business deductions. This can be an entirely customized arrangement suitable for both large or small households and businesses.

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